Our firm's 360 legal model is based on direction, balance and comprehensive representation.  It incorporates  our customized legal and business strategy, systematically applied throughout each stage of the client’s venture, while keeping its principles, goals and objectives at the center.

It often appears like a company’s success came overnight.  However, the venture process is more of a marathon than it is a sprint.  There are three main stages of an entrepreneurial venture and this Firm accompanies its clients through each.  First there is the initial formation and development stage.  We call this the “Start”.  Next is the growth and expansion stage.  We call this the “Stride”.  Lastly comes the final exit or maturity stage.  We call this the “Stretch”.

The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell PLLC's  interdisciplinary skills allow us to take the most comprehensive approach required to effectively address, analyze and advise our clients as to their primary legal needs during the Start, Stride and Stretch.  And we create a symmetry in the way we provide legal services to each of them across their respective industries.   




We advise our clients on startup financing, third party investments and various other fundraising options and arrangements most suitable to the needs of their specific business venture, project or creative endeavor.  We will also draft, review and negotiate the agreements needed to formalize these arrangements.    


Tell us your current operating structure, future plans,  goals and budget.  We will tell you the best entity to form, the best location to form, and what is required from you to form.  We also explain the reasoning behind all of our recommendations.  Once the entity is formed we will design the internal governance structure to keep it in compliance with the relevant laws and regulations.




Sometimes it makes sense to buy.  Sometimes it makes sense to sell.  Sometimes it makes sense to hold.  We will advise you on the legal issues involved with each of those decisions as it specifically pertains to your business .  Whether you are buying or selling a business, buying or selling real estate or buying or selling any assets of value to your specific venture, this firm can walk you through the entire process.


We want the client to focus its attention on making great creations.  The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell, PLLC will focus on protecting them.  Often the most valuable assets owned by our clients consist of intellectual property.  First we make sure that the client’s work does not infringe on the rights of others.  Then we make sure that others aren’t infringing on the client’s work.   Additionally, we advise on various intellectual property monetization strategies. 


Day to day operations often lead to legal questions and concerns.  Contracts need to be drafted, reviewed or negotiated, compliance matters arise or sometimes general business strategy is required on a matter.  For instances like these, you need a lawyer available and ready to provide guidance.  It is most efficient when you have counsel with first hand knowledge of your business operations waiting in the wings to advise you.  Our firm can be retained in a consulting capacity so you already have your legal counsel ready when needed.




For businesses:   You may have decided that now is the right time to sell, transfer or dissolve the company.   Perhaps, you want to structure things now in the event of a future exit opportunity.  The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell, PLLC was with you at the beginning and we will be with you during your final transition.  We will prepare your business succession plan to ensure that you are the gatekeeper of your company's legacy. 

For individual artists, entrepreneurs or professionals:   You have likely spent time accumulating valuable and often unique assets.  Protecting your legacy is paramount and we understand this.  We create and execute individually tailored estate planning and wealth preservation strategies that ensure the protection and distribution of your assets in accordance with your desires.


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