General Business Counsel

Companies must maintain a strong business legal strategy to sustain their growth after they are formed and financed. Your business should have counsel with an intimate understanding of your products, services, strengths, weaknesses and goals, and is readily available to counsel you on your legal strategy and operations. Our firm is prepared to act as your outside general business counsel.

The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell is a business law firm that provides outside general counsel services to its clients. We first forge a strong business relationship with our clients by treating them like business partners. The value of building this relationship to get a clear understanding of the client’s short and long term goals.  The next step is to use this insight and develop a comprehensive and tailored business legal strategy.

Our firm helps to provide sustainable operations by performing compliance advising, risk management.  We help move forward relationships by reviewing, negotiating and drafting various business contracts.  And we help drive growth by overseeing and structuring joint ventures, strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions when the opportunity to form valued partnerships arise.