Fund Formations

Many great opportunities can be found by investing in public and private markets. The investment process is more than just finding a good investment. Investing becomes more complex when there are multiple investors pooling funds together. It is critical that the most appropriate investment vehicle is used when investing as a group. That is why investment fund formation is so important. The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell will walk you through how to form an investment fund.

The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell advises investors during the investment fund formation process.  We work with clients in forming both foreign and domestic investment funds. Our firm helps our clients devise fund strategies, adopt and create optimal fund structures and thereafter assists with the buildout, administration and compliance. The firm will assist clients in forming investment funds across many industries and asset classes. Our firm caters to various investment strategies that our clients may have. We can assist you with the formation of both single and multi-investor funds. We have experience with private equity funds, venture capital funds, real estate investment funds and cryptocurrency funds. Our firm has also shown creativity with clients in the formation of other special purpose investment vehicles.  We do all of this while working with tax professionals to help ensure regulatory tax compliance.

We do more than just forming investment funds. Our firm also forms the investment management entities and the limited and general partnership vehicles needed to support it. We also advise investment advisors, fund managers and other investment professionals individually during the process. This includes guidance on raising capital from both domestic and foreign investors. Additional services include provide investor due diligence, compliance and strategy advising after the fund has been formed.

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