Corporate Finance

Corporate Side Representation

The capital structure of a company is vital to its development and sustainability. It is imperative that your business finance and growth strategies are structured in a way that is protective and not prohibitive to the long term development of the business. Our firm will assist you if you need to raise capital for your company.

The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell will advise its clients on all aspects of their corporate finance and capital raising efforts.  We advise on equity strategies such as pre-seed, seed and advanced stages of startup funding. Some of the funding transactions we work with are crowdfunding, angel investing, private equity and venture capital funding. We will also review and evaluate various debt based financing strategies that may be suitable options for our client’s business goals.

After we help you decide the best financing strategy available, we will assist with various aspects of the raise. We will help you re-structure your business entity as necessary to get it ready to take on new funding. We will then advise clients in respect to their investor presentation and offering documents. Next, we will help negotiate deal terms. Finally, we will draft, review and negotiate the investment agreements needed to formalize and close the funding round.

Investor Side Representation

On the other side of the table, in addition to the early stage companies we also represent those who invest in them.  Our firm assists its clients in a wide variety of investor side transactions. We have developed a suite of legal services specifically tailored to the individual investor, investment group and investment fund.

We do more than structure the investment vehicles.  Our services include advising clients on individual debt and convertible funding transactions, angel investments,  syndicated group investments, private equity transactions, and various stages of venture capital investments.   We also advise the clients throughout the various stages of the investment process.  We advise on investment strategy, review offering documents, perform due diligence on the target companies, structure deal terms, and oversee investor compliance matters.

Feel free to contact us to learn more our corporate finance services.