Today, with business and personal websites, social media, music and video streaming, podcasts, web applications, blogging and much much more, digital media and internet laws are a concern for any person or business entity with a digital media presence.  Businesses are creating products and services directed to the digital media market or, are using the digital media market to direct an audience to their products and services.  Navigating the rapidly evolving internet laws and regulations has become difficult and dangerous.  The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell is an NYC media and technology law firm that provides guidance to the digital entrepreneurs, the Internet artists and other individuals or entities operating their venture within the digital media space.   An entirely new market has been created and while many law firms shy away, we attack it with vigor. 


//  Operating Agreements
Private Equity Investments
//  Shareholders Agreements
//  Partnership Agreements
//  Founders Agreements
//  Members Resolutions

//  Corporate By-Laws
Angel Investing Advising
//  Crowdfunding Advising
//  Private Equity Investments
//  Venture Capital
//  Debt Financing Strategy



//  Software Development
//  Blockchain Technology
//  Internet Laws and Regulations
//  Terms of Use & Services Agreements
//  Software Licensing
//  Mobile Applications
Domain Name Acquisitions
//  Privacy Policies
//  Social Media Policies
//  Digital Millennium Copyright Act
//  Business Legal Strategy


//  Sale of Assets
//  Sale of a Business                                                             //  Digital Asset Protection
//  Exit Strategy
//  Succession Planning

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