Entrepreneurs,  investors, new and existing companies should all begin with a business plan.  That plan must include a strong business legal strategy.  The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell is a NYC business law firm that helps its clients design, develop and implement that strategy.  We forge a relationship with our clients by treating them like business partners.  This approach allows us to get an intimate understanding of our clients’ products, services, values, strengths, weaknesses and goals.  We combine this insight with our multi-disciplinary experience to devise comprehensive and individually tailored corporate legal services that fit the exact needs of the client.   


//  Entity Selection and Formation
//  Operating Agreements
//  Shareholders Agreements
//  Partnership Agreements
//  Founders Agreements
//  Corporate By-Laws
//  Angel Investing
Crowd Funding Advising
//  Debt Financing Strategy
//  Private Equity Investments
//  Venture Capital


//  Asset Purchases
//  Buying a Business
//  Due Diligence
//  Contracts & Agreements
//  Compliance Matters
//  Business Legal Strategy
/ Non-Disclosure Agreements
// Non-Compete Agreements
// Licensing Agreements
// Trademarks
// Copyrights  


//  Sale of Assets
//  Sale of a Business
//  Corporate Dissolutions
//  Surrender of Authority
//  Exit Strategy
//  Business Succession Planning

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