As the Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell, PLLC approaches its three-year anniversary we want to take this time to first, wish everyone a Happy New Year and second, welcome you to our new Blog Page.  As stated on our Home Page, this Firm’s mission is to help our clients protect and realize their visions.  Our secondary goal is to educate them along the way.  We take pride in accomplishing both.   

It is a new year but the mission remains the same.   Through this Blog Page we are going to give you the opportunity to take this journey with us.  We are going to let you inside the world of business, entertainment, media and technology industries as well as the legal issues businesses, entrepreneurs and investors must face while operating within each.   As our clients learn, experience and grow, you can too.   

Welcome to 2018… and welcome back to cjpmlawoffices.com!