We are witnessing the third wave of technology and Blockchain may end up leading this new era.  Blockchain Technology is on the verge of changing the way in which people live, how business operate and the methods in which data and information is stored and transferred.  Whether or not it becomes the "new internet" remains to be seen but, this distributed ledger technology definitely has revolutionary applications that are rapidly being introduced into the mainstream.  Our firm is one the few with blockchain lawyers capable of advising clients on both the technological and legal aspects of blockchain technology and cryptocurrency regulations.  We advise clients involved in the integration of blockchain technology into their business structures as well as fundraising through initial coin offerings.  The Law Offices of Christopher J.P. Mitchell, PLLC also counsel investors and investment groups on the regulation and development of the various cryptocurrencies. 


//  Entity Formation and Internal Governance
//  Distributed Ledger Technology Integration
//  Blockchain Applications
//  Blockchain Regulatory Compliance
//  White Paper Audits



//  Initial Coin Offerings
//  Token Sales
//  Cryptocurrency Regulations and Compliance




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